JOY is inspired by the Finnish early education model - EduCare.
We model ourselves on it because it is currently the leading educational method in the world. It is a model of stressless learning through play, which helps children achieve the best results in global rankings.
A. An individual approach in practice
One of the basic elements of the Finnish model is that every child should be treated individually.
We are attentive to the needs and predispositions of your child. In cooperation with parents and children, we prepare proposals for individual work plans. We review progress every six months and agree on further steps.

В. Innovative Program
We base our work on the innovative pre-school education program Tablit. At its core are the topics related to the world of nature and science.

We chose it because:

  • It enables children to explore the world by acting, witnessing, discovering, experiencing and discussing.
  • Thanks to the "Questioning the Author" (QtA) method, children are encouraged to formulate and express opinions on natural phenomena presented in multimedia animations. Instead of assimilating the ready-made knowledge provided by the Teachers, they learn to express their thoughts.
  • The program includes learning English through multimedia materials (games in English, word bubbles).

    C. The future of Life Skills
    Your child is already a wise and intelligent being. Our task is to help him or heracquire knowledge and develop areas that will fully develop their individual abilities. We want to develop skills that will be useful not only in school but also in everyday life situations.
    The world is changing quickly, but we have chosen four timeless skills:

    • Communication- learning different ways of communicating with others.
    • Cooperation- by working in groups and learning about different roles.
    • Creativity in solving problems- by encouraging and nurturing creative expression and experimenting.
    • Critical thinking- learning to choose important information and build own views.

    Children are learning English everyday through games and other activities. In this task are helping us English Teacher, who speaks to children English everyday .

    Classes and workshops
    Within tuition fee :
    • Sing & drum classes
    • Physical exercise and Movement
    • Fairytale therapy,
    • Music
    • Science workshops
    • Culinary workshops
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Language
    • People and Culture
    • Logopedic and Psychologist support
    Additional not included within tuition fee:
    • Drama
    • Dance
    • Gordon music learning classes
    • Judo
    • Photography
    • Florist classes
    • Ceramics
    • Joga
    • Individual language classes