Our strengths
JOY is very friendly place for every child,
where we support the development and growth.
In cooperation with parents and children, we prepare proposals for individual development plans. Every six months we will review progress and set up further steps.

Innovation and modern educational tools

One of our main tools is the innovative Tablit program, which is recommended by the Ministry of Education. While learning, we use modern materials, including a multimedia board.

An individual approach in practice
Development of Life Skills
Because the world is changing very dynamically, your child should be equipped with the right skills to move freely and effectively in this reality. It is therefore important to support children in developing skills that will help them in different life situations, such as communication with others and expression of their own needs, creative problem solving, critical thinking and peer cooperation.

Both Polish and English will accompany us every day during games, lessons and other activities.
Experienced staff and passion

We train and develop children, but we also care about the development of our teachers. We organize internships for them in Finnish pre-school education institutions.

English and Polish in practice
Everyday walks
Walks and outdoor activities are the essences of a carefree childhood. Every day we spend time outside, playing in the garden. Our classes and workshops often take place in the greenery.